Building Memories

Award - Winning Custom Builder


Inside the BeltLine

If you’re looking for a great location in Raleigh, Inside the Beltline could be the very best choice and Exeter Building Company specializes in building luxury custom homes Inside the Beltline.

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Tailor Made

We build custom luxury homes on our own sites or we can build on a site you may already own. Because you may need something that is available sooner, we also build homes that you can acquire during the construction process or once they are completed.




Exeter Building Company was founded by three long time friends who love Raleigh, enjoy home building and wanted to create homes where people could build memories. John Heidel, John Finan and Alex Yost trace their friendship to a Raleigh neighborhood in the 1980’s. Today, Exeter builds custom luxury homes Inside the Beltline and in premier neighborhoods.