Our Team

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Alex Yost

I have learned that customers speak with conviction and they will stop at nothing to get to the right result.  I've been fortunate to learn through my extensive business experience across multiple industries just how important listening to customers is any field. I want to build you a great home.  I hear what the market says, what customers want and what experience demands will create a great value.  I live in Raleigh with my wife, 3 daughters, and many dogs!  I look forward to meeting with you and hearing your needs.



I believe the little things do matter in building homes, from listening to customers or being able to execute the requirements needed to build a strong home. As a business development executive in Raleigh for over 25 years, I understand that relationships and trust are crucial.  Choosing plans with your lifestyle in mind and ensuring details are correct is my goal every day.  I live in Raleigh with my wife, two daughters and two dogs.  


John Heidel

In 2003, after years of delivering exceptional customer service in the home electronics industry, I shifted to homebuilding.   My focus on the highest standard of customer service, combined with a heart to serve clients makes me a premier homebuilder of the Triangle area.  I have lived all over North Raleigh with my wife, 3 daughters, and feisty Dalmation!



Diane Wallace

As the administrator for the business, Diane expertly ensures that we manage our business well, including everything we need to purchase land and materials, pay our partners and have flawless closings for our customers.  Diane brings terrific experience to the team which helps us move fast, make good decisions and know who to work with to make things happen. Diane is the proud mother of two girls and lives in Raleigh.



Hannah Koontz

Hannah is the designer for Exeter Building Company.  She is passionate about design, form and function. Hannah has a degree in Fashion and Textile Management from North Carolina State University  and among her work experiences, she has worked for Ralph Lauren. Hannah is responsible for the design of our homes and works with pre - sale clients to help them through the selections process to create beautiful homes. Hannah is a North Carolina native and enjoys traveling, live music and all things home - related.


Joe Catalano

Joe is a project manager that grew up in the building industry, studied at East Carolina University to learn the business of building and has been employed managing construction since graduation.  Joe manages projects in many of the Wake Forest and Raleigh neighborhoods. Joe lives in Raleigh, loves sports, plays baseball and has a beautiful black German Shepherd.



Our Process


Your home is where you will build memories. We promise to listen to you, pay attention to details and use our experience to craft you an exceptional custom home that fits within your budget.  

When you work with Exeter Building Company to design and build your home, you may choose from plans that Exeter has available or you may work with them to customize a plan to your needs. The building process will focus on you.  We begin with a discussion of your needs and work with you to build a plan that fits your life and your budget. You will work with our designer from the start to build a relationship, share ideas and develop the schedule, budgets and priorities for your home.

Once the plan and specifications are agreed on, the building process begins.  You will see the Exeter team in action, with the project manager overseeing construction and the designer helping you to make the selections and choices for the interior and exterior of your home.  The designer will help you to bring your ideas and interests to life and make it easy to stay on schedule and within your budget. You will have a chance to see and touch many of the materials as you make selections and we will build design boards so that you can visualize the project.

As the construction proceeds, you will have the opportunity to visit the job site and see your home progress from concept to completion.  Safety is always a priority and the Exeter team will help you to visit the site at the right times so you can see progress, make choices and experience the build.

As the home nears completion, the project manager will walk with you through the home in an orientation meeting.  In this meeting, you will learn about the home details including the locations of the electrical panel, water shut offs and other home systems.  At this time, we also double check to make sure that all the details and finishes are complete so that it is ready for you to move in.

We will give you the home that you want and desire.   This is our promise to you.

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Keep you warm, safe and healthy

We want to make sure your home is going to be strong, quiet and energy efficient and build using materials like:

  • Advantec Floor Systems

  • Properly sized HVAC systems with programmable thermostat and jumper ducts

  • Low VOC Paints

  • Green Label Carpeting

  • Certified Cabinetry

  • Formaldehyde-Free Insulation

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Strong for you now and for the future

We select materials that will ensure your home meets your particular needs.  We want to provide you an efficient home for your lifestyle. We use quality products such as:

  • Exterior Wall Wrap

  • Radiant Barrier Roof Decking

  • Exterior Walls with R-19 insulation

  • Low-E windows

  • Fresh air damper

  • Tankless Water Heaters

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